Digital Transformation in Private Equity

Most private equity investors and deal teams continue to run a dated, obsolete playbook, leaving millions on the table and exposing their portfolios to unnecessary risk.But there is a better way to propel investment outcomes.

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The new playbook for better investment outcomes

The age of disruption is rapidly widening the gap between market leaders and laggards. Investors who act swiftly can maximize their immediate returns while positioning themselves for long-term exponential impact and gains. But only if they recognize the new landscape and dramatically adapt their playbooks, reorient their operating models and accelerate their digital transformation.

Proprietary private market deal data and analytics that transform investing

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CEPRES's proprietary private market data empowers you to make better investments. Access complete cash flows of funds and deals as well as portfolio company operating metrics ­— sourced directly from GPs, LPs and more. With CEPRES, you can effectively look through funds into their underlying assets to make better investment decisions throughout the investment lifecycle.

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World-class partnerships

Connection has been at CEPRES’s core since day one. We are proud to partner with some of the most visible and influential companies in the private market space.

We almost gave up on like-for-like benchmarking before using CEPRES. Now for the first time, we can really understand capital weighted alpha generation on the industry level and don’t need to rely on GP-provided numbers or public proxies.

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CEPRES is an integrated platform that accelerates digital transformation

CEPRES is a highly-modular platform, giving you the option to use a single solution or leverage the unprecedented impact of the entire CEPRES ecosystem.

Due Diligence

Transform fund due diligence by analyzing more funds with deeper data to evaluate opportunities faster and choose the best funds and GPs.

Market Intelligence

Access the best deal-level data — from deal returns and loss rates to portfolio company metrics like leverage, pricing and revenue growth.

Portfolio Management

Monitor performance, risk and cash flows. Drill down from fund to asset level to meet regulatory requirements or to identify the best investment strategies.

Portfolio Forecasting

Forecast cash flows, NAV, IRR and MOIC of each of your investments and entire portfolio.

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